About Us

Our mission is to provide uniquely tailored treatment methods to restore harmony and balance within the body.

Elite Body Mechanics Remedial Massage located in Nobby Beach is here to help restore balance and harmony to your body. Once we assess you we can develop a treatment plan using a range of techniques to ensure that we reach your goals whether it be to alleviate pain, reduce tension, improve flexibility and range of movement or reduce stress levels.

At Elite Body Mechanics we also have an understanding and an empathy of the local sports and activities which people participate in.

Our therapists are also avid sports people, so we know particularly what to include to ensure that injury is avoided, what your stresses are and how to refine techniques or modalities for maximum client benefit .

We provide a service which will improve your muscular skeletal dysfunctions so that you can return to participating in the activities and sports that you love doing without discomfort.



Sarah Campbell

Massage Therapist + Director

Sarah Campbell is a Qualified remedial massage therapist and a member of the MAA Massage Association of Australia.

She has had various experience with professional and non professional athletes. Having massaged at Metricon Stadium for the Gold Coast Suns AFL team, massaging at the Pan Pacific basketball games at Runaway Bay Sports Centre and various amateur hockey tournaments at Southport Hockey Club.

Sarah also worked at Raw Therapies in Broadbeach as a remedial massage therapist before starting Elite Body Mechanics.

Sarah has a better understanding of the needs and stresses of people who participate in local sports. She has participated in many sports herself such as muay thai, surfing, running, swimming and yoga for many years. It is this knowledge and empthy of the effects on her own body that enables her to be a very effective therapist.